Tuesday, August 6, 2013

lixinxinlover@163.com Li Xinxin rosematch.com translation scam

This is a 'fake' lady, operating on asian dating sites for the purpose of luring you to a seperate, fraudulent dating site, where you will have to pay for membership, and translation of messages to, and from, fake ladies.
Most guys spend hundreds of dollars before they suspect something. The pictures of the hot girls are stolen, and of Asian celebrities, or models. The person who is emailing you, is not the person in the pictures. Don't fall for this.
Please note: The girl in the following pictures is not involved in this scam. She is a Chinese model whose pictures appear on various internet sites. The scammer copied the pictures, and claims he/she is the person in the pictures.
Visit Dragonladies.org for more information on this, and other 'Asian' internet romance scams.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

liuqchen@yahoo.com WARNING

This is actually a West African scammer, working from the Guangdong province of China. The picture is stolen.
Hello dear how are you are doing?How was your weekend and your family and friends?I am back to office this Monday and the weather have been hot over here today.After my work on Saturday i went home and relaxed and sunday went to church and did house work as usual and after house work went for a window shopping with my employer and her kids.I have been eating good foods and ice cream lately because of hot weather.So what is new with you?Let me tell u 1 thing that You r the most gorgeous man. You make me feel worthy of love. I have lost much of my time in life becoz I did not have a companion. I want to share my life's adventures with you. You are the man that welcomed me. I want to spend my whole life with you till my last day on earth. I really missing you.I cant wait to know you more and we love more.
I love you so much,
Liu Chen

Saturday, July 27, 2013

ritapinero888@yahoo.com Visa and Travel scam CHINA

These pictures are stolen, and in heavy use by West African scammers, operating from within China, with help from local Asian ladies who make phone calls, pretending to be this lady.
This is a 'Visa and travel' scam. The lady in the pictures is married, and not involved in the scams.
Do not send any money or pay any 'visa and travel' fees! See Dragonladies.org for more information

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spokeo! Easy fast search of usernames, names, phone numbers, and more

I have used Spokeo for several years in my anti-scam work, and personal life.
Spokeo lets you quickly find social network profiles for a specific email address, research phone numbers in the US, and a lot more. Give it a try!
Search anybody by name, e-mail address, phone number, online username or even friends in your address book and instantly return lots of info.

Warning: 'Visa and travel' scams from South China

I check many large dating sites, often, to look for obvious scammers, and look for new trends in scams. I'm alarmed by the large number of profiles online from ladies in South China, primarily, that I can attribute to West African scammers living in SE Asia.
Please, never send money for an asian lady, usually aged 25-35, living in China, working a menial job, to come to your country to meet you.
This is a scam.
The travel agent the 'lady' sends you to is fake, and operated by West Africans.
The lady in the pictures is not the person you email, or may talk to on the phone.
(Local asian ladies are helping the West Africans with this scam, they are not the girls in the pictures.)
You will lose a few thousand dollars, and the lady will never arrive at your local airport. You are a chump!
Don't accept a voice on a phone as proof you are in contact with the cute lady in the pictures. You're not. Ask to see a face on webcam, the scammers can't do this, or, if they do, it will be a brief recording of 'that' face, or a similar face.
Research the real method of a single, asian lady, to get a visa to come to your country. You'll find out the real process ranges from 'impossible', to a process that takes months, not the few days these scammers claim.
Many western countries do not allow young, single people from Asian countries to come there on any sort of visa, including tourist visas. They know that person is likely to not return to the home country, and violate the terms of the visa.
Most of the ladies in question claim to be in the Guangdong province of China, but increasingly I see suspicious profiles for ladies that match the traits of this type of scammer, spread out in other South China provinces.
Never send money for visa or travel! This is a distinct category of scam that is practiced by 'Russian', 'West African', and occasionally Filipino scammers.
For help, check the forum at dragonladies.org Visa and travel scams from China Please remember, the pictures used in these scams are stolen. The lady in the pictures is in no way involved, and you were never in contact with her. The people you are in contact with are Black males from West Africa, and local chinese or filipino ladies, who are paid to help them in these scams.

Are you looking for a safe, free 'Asian' dating site? Try Asianlonelyhearts.com

Most dating sites do not screen new profiles for scammers. While it's difficult to keep all scammers out, it is possible to keep most out.
Asianlonelyhearts.com is a new, small, free, dating site that checks each new profile for scammers, and other 'problem' members.
The owner is a scambaiter, and anti-scammed activist who is well versed in internet romance scams, traits of internet scammers, and also is an expert in internet romance scams from Asia.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warning! Chinese girls online from Zhengzhou

I am seeing an increased amount of suspicious activity on asian dating sites, where the 'girl' is either in Zhengzhou, China, or claims to be. These 'girls' will use stolen pictures of minor asian celebrities, and express interest in a man of an age that is too old to be appropriate in Chinese culture. The girl will often claim to be a teacher. The IP in emails will be correct for Zhengzhou.
These profiles are either the result of a fraudulent marriage agency, fishing for customers, or a scammer, or scammers, operating from Zhengzhou..
Please, never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls.
Do not let a 'girl' you meet online steer you to a paid dating site where you will have to pay for messages to be translated, from, and to her. This is a scam.
Always expect to see a face on webcam. There is no valid excuse for a person looking for love, online, not to be able to use a cam. No cam, bye bye.
Keep the age gap reasonable. If you are 60 years old, real chinese ladies who are 25 are not interested in you. SCAMMERS who claim to be chinese ladies of that age, are.